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"Thank you so much for your generosity in sending the DVD's. The students had some additional situations that they contributed to those presented on the DVD's. The dialogus that they encouraged made our presentations hit home. Thank you for your wonderful help!"
- Sue Bouffier, Our Lady of Lourdes 2nd Level Coordinator

"I am so impressed by you and your strength - thank you!"
- Laurey Peck

"Paulette allows you to view into her soul and share her joy, pain, wisdom, drive, and love of God"
- Robert Gillio, M.D.

"Your giving, helpful and can do attitude was something I admired. To come from overwhelming odds to where you are today is a miracle."
- Janet Ricker

"My hat is off to you and my heart goes out to you."
- Don Doyle, D Min, PhD.

"Thank you to Paulette Norman for her personal testimony titled “WHY I DON'T JUST SIT AND STARE - My Life's Journey with God”. Paulette shared how God has been by her side from birth, through the loss of her son McKay, her debilitating health conditions and her restoration to touch the lives of many in the name of Jesus Christ. From the moment Paulette began we were spellbound with silence. Our hearts were filled with the hurt and pain recognized as our eyes shed tears to mourn the grief and suffering experienced. This day many hearts were transformed in the name of McKay to look to God for guidance and direction when our world comes crashing down around us. Only by the grace of God was Paulette able to share her story highlighting sadness and loss but much more her story underlined the triumph of joy and life eternal with God by our side. Of course we are human and Paulette admitted she continues to be reminded of the pain and sadness from the loss of McKay, but the happiness and joy shines through because she knows this life is only an instant compared to our eternity in Heaven. God desires a mother’s soul to remain in this world as a witness, so that her son will live in spirit to be a testament to the love of Christ. Thank you Lord for your love, your grace, your peace!!!"
- Tommy Gilbreath

"If you have ever wondered if you are alone in your pain or if you will ever heal from a wound so deep, the true and heartbreaking loss of McKay will take you on a journey straight to the deepest part of pain, grief, and healing."
- Brooke Johnson