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deady-betrayalDeadly Betrayal: The Kidnapping and Murder of McKay Everett

September 13, 2007
by Paulette Norman, James W. Marquart, Janet L. Mullings
Paperback - 200 Pages

Paperback: $24.00 (includes Shipping & Handling)

Reality comes when an exact moment coincides with acceptance of a certain event. Reality came for me on September 12, 1995, when McKay, my only child, was abducted and murdered by an adult family friend named Hilton Crawford. McKay loved and trusted Hilton. Hilton betrayed that love and trust. All that is left of McKay are memories, The McKay Foundation, a few personal belongings, a gravesite and some ashes. Our mission has been to leave something more: lessons learned and hopefully wisdom gained.

About the Authors
PAULETTE EVERETT-NORMAN is currently the president of the McKay Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose objective is the prevention of crime against children through education of children, parents, and communities. She teaches school in Willis, Texas.

JAMES W. MARQUART is a professor of criminal justice (University of Texas at Dallas) specializing in prison organizations, capital punishment, and child maltreatment. He has published over 50 scholarly articles and four books, resulting in numerous awards.

JANET L. MULLINGS is an associate professor of criminal justice (Sam Houston State University) specializing in corrections, victimology, and child maltreatment. She has authored over 20 scholarly publications and recently published a book (with Professor Marquart) entitled The Victimization of Children.

Paperback: $24.00 (includes Shipping & Handling)