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  • When is the right time to start talking to your children about safety?
  • How do you keep your children interested in such an important topic?
  • What is the right way to talk to your children without creating too much fear?

The answers to all these questions has been answered in this 6 part video series. Each story uses a combination of animation, light hearted humor, and catchy music to keep the attention of children of various ages in or of the most important lessons a child can learn.

We encourage you to watch these videos with your children since it offers golden opportunities to discuss important topics on safety around adults!

Topics Covered

  • Self-Esteem
  • Bullying
  • Child Safety
  • Strangers
  • Internet Safety
  • Personal Space

Rated: G
Language: English

meanest-girl-in-second-gradeThe Meanest Girl in Second Grade

Zoe Gallagher was a mean girl. She wasn't the ordinary kind of mean, she was REAL mean. This story teaches about bullying.




The Great Big Giant Looming Secret

Dominic had a secret. It was a great big giant looming secret he kept deep inside. This is an important story that teaches about inappropriate touch.




A Good Place Inside of Me

There is a good place inside of me. It's a happy place with fond memories. This story is about self esteem through being positive.




Adisu's Journey

Take this loaf of bread, and this package of meat - to the other side of the jungle, and lay it at the wise man's feet. Adisu's Journey is a story that teaches stranger safety and how NOT to be tricked when approached by a stranger.



The ABC's of Safety

ABC's of safety uses the alphabet to teach the basics of safety to children. This was our first cartoon ever put together.




Tea With A Tiger

Would you eat crumpets with a creepy cougar? Or have tea with a terrible tiger? This story asks simple questions about common sense and how they can be applied to child safety around adults.